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In John 3:16 we find a verse that gives us a perfect and complete statement of God's Love for us. If we look in the dictionary for a definition of the word love we find that we can see numerous definitions. with love being a noun these include affection, allegience, appreciation, infatuation, like, lust, passion, regard, respect and so on. As a verb we see these definitions, admire, crazy about, be in love with, delight, hold high, long for, and so on. There are many ways to look at the word love. I want to look at the word love as a verb.

God created each and every one of us. He loves us and wants us for his own. This was the verse of scripture that was used to share the gospel with me when I was 7 years old. This verse gives us the Plan of Salvation in a nutshell. It tells us of God's love for us and what we must do in order to have eternal life in heaven.

God sent His Son to die on the cross for our sins. I love people, but I would find it hard to give my son for the life of someone else. God did this for us because of His love for us. God's love is unconditional, pure and never ending. There are no strings attached to His love for us. It tells us in the Bible that when God forgives us He will forgive our sins and never remember them as far as the east is from the west. This simply means he will never remember them again. What God says He will do. God can never lie because He is without sin.

I ask you, how many times have you forgiven someone who has wronged you and completely forgotten about it? I would imagine not offten. God also tells us that in order to have this forgiveness that we must forgive those who sin against us. This is sometimes very hard to do. I had an instance of this in my life and it was not until I totally forgave this person that all the hard feelings left my heart and I was able to be the person that God would have me be.

When I think about God's love for me, it sends chills down my spine. God is someone that I can depend on 24/7. When I think about the love of another human being, I know that there are sometimes limits on their love. God's love has no limits. The more we obey God and follow His will the more he demonstrates His love toward us. His love never changes, even when we go against His will for our lives. He never loves us any less than He did before we strayed. He dislikes what we are doing, but His love never changes. It remains the same. I know that is not the way it is with human beings here on this earth.

The Bible teaches us that we should love one another as God loves us. Tall order, but that is what the Bible teaches us we should do. We should strive each and every day of our lives to love others in this manner. I feel that if we did, maybe this world would not be in the mess that it is in right now. I feel if we would lay down all our attitudes and harsh feelings for one another, we could experience the love of God in a very rich way.

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